Album „Selves“ out now

Cover digital release

Alex fell in love for the first time with psychedelic music while hearing Lucy in the sky with diamonds and Within and Without you when he was a young boy.

The Beatles where crucial in the record collection of his brother, while his father recorded Vivaldi, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich and Schönberg. These two worlds were connected with a balcony, two apartments, one classical music based, the other one with his brothers studio, experimenting with loops, beats and samples.

Till this day Alex travels this balcony between musical styles, like baroque, classical, romantic, modern, contemporary, psychedelic, experimental, progressive, dance-theatre.

The new album „Selves“ by Alexander Nantschev consists of 8 songs, each representing a different alter ego, like the happy, the guru, the hippie, the astronaut, the romantic, the classical composer, the rock star. The concept of multiple selves explains a lot I did in my biography, Alexander Nantschev explains. It also lets me understand myself and my music better also in the interaction with others. I see the different selves as the individual part of an orchestra playing a symphony by a mastermind - the composer. All these parts make a whole, that’s why I believe the concept of a single self concept doesn’t really work. In our society we are somehow forced to present ourself in the way of a single self. These multiple layers of selves are mostly not perceived and lead to a lot of conflicts. I believe trying to let interact these different personas in harmony leads to a symphony more enjoyable to listen.


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