„The luckiest highlight of the event was for sure Ysayes Sonate Nr.3 „Ballade“ for violin solo, which brought the masterful instrumental skills of Nantschev into the brightest light“ 

Balduin Sulzer

Vienna born and based violinist Alexander Nantschev works crossover in different musical styles from baroque to contemporary. He founded the music-dance ensemble FeinSinn with which he performed internationally as composer, performer, director and video artist. There he composed and produced the album „Tea On The Moon“ 

„In a total of nine very melody-orientated pieces, sophisticated pop and Mediterranean-inspired folk music with elements of the seventies prog rock and electronics are combined in a wonderful way to form a homogeneous whole.“

Mica Austria

Alexander released his album „Selves“ and „Voiceless Selves“on his own label Crystalhorizon Records

His debut album „Recital“ included rare compositions by Friedrich Nietzsche, Petar Christoskov and Georgi Zlatev-Cherkin. 

Over the last 20 years Alexander focused on a wide repertoire for violin and piano, focusing on composers like Shostakovich, Prokofiev and Stravinsky.

As Violinist he worked with Claudio Abbado, Pierre Boulez, Kent Nagano and Daniel Gatti with the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra. As part of a solistic ensemble he performed at the Salzburger Festspiele.

He finished his diplomas at the University of music Vienna and Trinity college London both with distinction.

Alexander is inspired by yoga since his early childhood. He was collaborating with Prof. Dora Schwarzberg combining the art of yoga and violin playing. 

Teaching the violin for over 18 years brings out his passion to infect others by the magic of music. Over the last years his pupils won several first prices at the Austrian competition Prima La Musica.

Alexander worked 2 years in the tech staff of the company Troikatronix for the software Isadora. Implementing the design of interactive video and light for performers and dancers is an important ingredient of his performances.

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